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Storytelling Workshops for Schools

Storytelling Workshops for Schools

If you have started your lesson plans for National Storytelling Week in February or for World Book Day in March, why not consider booking one of our amazing Storytelling workshops for schools to support and enrich your pupil’s learning and love for literature?

Our storytelling workshops for schools are a hugely rewarding experience for all key stages. For KS1-KS2 our stories ignite a passion for literacy and cover a wide variety of class topics and cultures. This helps your children to gain an understanding of these areas of learning and the characters and stories they bring to life.

Book for Chinese New Year, Black History, Diwali, National Storytelling Week and World Book Day. From KS3 and upwards, our stories provide a valuable window into cultural and social learning, bringing the world and the common issues we all face to your listeners.

Why book a storytelling workshop?

If you want your children to develop a love of stories, reading and writing then storytelling can be a wonderful place to start developing these skills.

Our Storytellers don’t read from books they tell stories. Our workshops are not a written exercise but a live performance in which the storyteller uses all the skills of storytelling from composition, description, action, consequence and review.

So book a Storytelling Workshop today to immerse your pupils in an interactive, live performance which is immediately exciting and engaging and, depending upon the story, can be spooky, full of peril, funny and joyful.

Our Storytelling Workshops can be a performance only or a performance with a creative workshop. Themes can be discussed in advance so that the stories and the content fit with your topic and project.

Let’s Start Choosing Your Workshops……

World Storytelling Workshops

World cultures are brought to life through our fun and educational storytelling workshops. We have listed below just a few of the most popular. However, if you don’t see what you are looking for simply ask! It is bound to be in our repertoire! Designed to be fun and educational our storytelling workshops are participatory so your pupils will be fully engaged. Choose from:

  • Aboriginal Storytelling (EYFS – KS5)
  • African Storytelling (EYFS – KS5)
  • Caribbean Storytelling (EYFS – KS5)
  • Celtic Storytelling (EYFS – KS5)
  • Chinese Storytelling (EYFS – KS5)
  • Classic Children’s Tales (KS1, KS2)
  • European Storytelling (EYFS – KS5)
  • Indian Storytelling (EYFS – KS5)
  • Māori Storytelling (KS1, KS2)
  • Mayan Storytelling (KS1, KS2)
  • Native American Indian Storytelling (KS1, KS2)
  • South American Storytelling (EYFS – KS5)
  • Story of the Windrush Generation (KS1 to KS5)
  • World Book Day Workshops (EYFS, KS1, KS2)

Scroll down for workshops on historical figures and points in time.

Choosing a Workshop that Meets your Needs
Let us know what your aims and objectives are and we will be happy to help. For advice on suggested session lengths and how best to organise your day, click here

Historical Figures and Points in Time

Mary Seacole

Bring history to life with one of our exciting interactive storytelling workshops for schools. Hear stories from the likes of Mary Seacole and Ada Lovelace. Delve into the ancient world of the Vikings or the Ancient Egyptians.

  • Ada Lovelace (KS1, KS2, KS3)
  • Florence Nightingale (KS1, KS2, KS3)
  • Mary Seacole (EYFS – KS5)
  • The Windrush Generation (KS1 to KS5)
  • Black Heroes in History (KS2 to KS5)
  • Pirates (KS1, KS2)
  • Princesses & Dragons (EYFS, KS1)
  • Great Fire of London (KS1, KS2)
  • The Ancient Egyptians (KS1, KS2)
  • The Anglo Saxons (KS2, KS3)
  • The Vikings (KS1, KS2)
  • The Vikings and Anglo Saxons (KS2)
  • Women’s Suffrage (KS2 to KS5)
  • Women’s Rights from the Black Woman’s Perspective (KS2 to KS5)

Choosing a Workshop that Meets your Needs
Let us know what your aims and objectives are and we will be happy to help. For advice on suggested session lengths and how best to organise your day, click here

Alternatively, call our helpline on 01425 480095

Who are our storytelling workshops for schools suitable for?

Suitable for primary and secondary schools, we can work with you on a specific theme or topic and create a workshop designed to inspire a love of literacy and encourage your pupils to create their own written works.

If you have any questions or wish to book, we are here to help. Simply call us on 01425 480095 or click the button below.

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