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History Workshops for Schools

Historical Figures and Points in Time

Bring history to life with one of our exciting cross curricular history workshops for schools.

Immersing your pupils in the stories and history of the past, our workshops use a combination of drama, role play and discussion to support your pupil’s learning.

We have workshops for KS1, KS2 and KS3 which are linked to the national curriculum. Please choose from the list of history workshops below:

History Workshops for Schools

  • Ada Lovelace (KS1, KS2, KS3)
  • Ancient Egyptians (KS1, KS2)
  • Ancient Greeks (KS2)
  • Anglo Saxons (KS2, KS3)
  • Black Heroes in History (KS2 to KS5)
  • Christopher Columbus (KS1)
  • Florence Nightingale (KS1, KS2, KS3)
  • Great Fire of London (KS1, KS2)
  • Industrial Revolution (KS3)
  • Malorie Blackman (KS2)
  • Mary Seacole (EYFS – KS5)
  • Pirates (KS1, KS2)
  • Princesses & Dragons (EYFS, KS1)
  • Roman Britain (KS2)
  • Stone Age (KS2)
  • Victorians (KS1)
  • Vikings (KS1, KS2)
  • Vikings and Anglo Saxons (KS2)
  • Windrush Generation (KS1 to KS5)
  • Women’s Suffrage (KS2 to KS5)
  • Women’s Rights from the Black Woman’s Perspective (KS2 to KS5)
  • WWI (KS3 to KS5)
  • WWII (KS2 to KS5)

Outstanding workshops, excellent information, very professional and thoroughly enjoyed by the students. Fergus achieved full engagement, many students have spoken to me since about how much they enjoyed the workshops.

Berwick Middle School – WW2 and Industrial Revolution KS3

I’d like to thank you for the workshop on the Stone Age. The sessions were extremely engaging and all the children thoroughly enjoyed them. The activities were accessible to all and props really supported our lower attaining children to access the learning. Sarah had a clear understanding of the curriculum expectations and delivered a workshop that both consolidated our learning and deepened and developed the children’s understanding through storytelling and practical activities. Sarah was professional, punctual, enthusiastic and warm throughout and we would definitely like to re-book for next year.

Cyril Jackson Primary School – Stone Age KS2

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