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World Book Day Workshops for Schools

World Book Day Workshops for Schools

If you have started your lesson plans for World Book Day in March or National Storytelling Week in February, why not consider booking one of our amazing Storytelling workshops to support and enrich your pupil’s learning and love for literature?

Oral storytelling is one of the world’s most ancient forms of art. Wise Moves boasts a treasure trove of storytelling workshops for World Book Day, which bring to life some of the most well-loved stories from famous children’s authors.

So, whether you want a day of stories from Roald Dahl, David Walliams or would like to hear stories from a specific country, we can deliver!

Why book a storytelling workshop?

If you want your children to develop a love of stories, reading and writing then storytelling can be a wonderful place to start developing these skills.

Our Storytellers don’t read from books they tell stories. Our workshops are not a written exercise but a live performance in which the storyteller uses all the skills of storytelling from composition, description, action, consequence and review.

So book today to immerse your pupils in an interactive, live performance which is immediately exciting and engaging and, depending upon the story, can be spooky, full of peril, funny and joyful.

Our Storytelling Workshops can be a performance only or a performance with a creative workshop. Themes can be discussed in advance so that the stories and the content fit with your topic and project.

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