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COVID-secure Measures

On-site Visits

Wise Moves and our valued team of artists are delighted to be back delivering our COVID-Secure workshops on-site for those clients that are happy and ready for us to do so. Please see an outline of our COVID-Secure Policy Measures below. For a full copy, please email us.

We appreciate that for many, on-site visits are still not an option but that’s OK! Wise Moves have online and bespoke pre-recorded alternatives which are helping to keep these important and enriching experiences going.

Online Classes

As an alternative to working with you on your premises, Wise Moves is able to provide live on-line workshops using various video conferencing platforms including:

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Meet

Our workshop sessions can be timetabled so that our facilitator can work with different groups during the day so ensuring the content and delivery is appropriate for the age and ability of your participants!

Please call us on 01425 480095 or contact us using the online enquiry/booking form with your ideas and requirements:

*Please note some types of workshops do not lend themselves to live online delivery of this kind due to potential time lags caused by internet connection which are unavoidable with these types of video conferencing platforms. We will be pleased to advise you on what works best based on our experience in this area. Please see our pre-recorded film option below:

Bespoke Pre-recorded Films

Wise Moves have been creating bespoke pre-recorded films for our clients since the country went into lockdown.

This is a bespoke service. We will work with you to create a workshop which will be pre-recorded and to which you will have access via our website or other suitable media platform.

“Thank you again for the amazing videos!”

The British Museum

Please call us on 01425 480095 or contact us using the online enquiry/booking form with your ideas and requirements:

COVID-secure Policy Measures for On-site Workshops

  • Every check has been undertaken to ensure our workshops are COVID-secure for on-site delivery
  • We work closely with each client to ensure our facilitators are aware of and follow the COVID-secure policies of your school/organisation
  • For a copy of our full COVID-Secure Policy Measures, please email us.

Keeping You Safe

Traditionally, the workshops we deliver into schools, galleries and museums are experiential, working with one class or group at a time in rotation.

Working with Wise Moves assures you the flexibility you need during these uncertain times. We provide the following services and assurances:

  • Live online classes and workshops
  • Bespoke pre-recorded films of classes and workshops
  • COVID-secure workshops delivered on-site
  • Our facilitators will closely follow the COVID-secure policies of your school
  • Our facilitators will work flexibly within your school/organisation’s social bubbles
  • Sanitisation of all equipment between groups of participants and between each client
  • Cancellation terms to reflect the fast-changing landscape

Please speak to us on 01425 480095 for more information or contact us using our online form which can be accessed here:

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