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About the Service
Wise Moves delivers quality workshops and performance in all art forms nationally. We work with schools, SEN, Museums, PRU’s, YOI’s and Festival organisers.

Workshop Fees
Please enquire and we will provide you with a quotation. We offer full day and half day workshops.

About the Artist
The artists we use are all full-time professionals with extensive experience in the delivery of educational workshops as well as working within the public and private sectors.

Travel Arrangements
Some artists travel by car but most use the train and other means of public transport.

Enhanced DBS Certificates
All artists are told that they must be able to show photo ID where requested and a current enhanced DBS certificate on arrival.

About the Workshop (schools)
What follows is essential reading as it explains how we work, the number of classes you can involve, group sizes, session lengths etc. to enable you to plan your day within budget.

Special Needs and/or Behavioural Problems
All artists/workshop leaders work with pupils with integrated special needs and/or behavioural problems. We expect the school to provide support for these children, as necessary, during the sessions.

If you offer Alternative Provision, please provide us with details so that we can book a facilitator with the appropriate expertise and training.

Number of Participants
The school can share the on-floor time booked between participating classes. We can work with up to 30 children in each session.

Session Lengths
We are happy to fit in with your school timetable and deliver session lengths that you deem appropriate for the age and ability of your pupils. You know them better than anyone so we are happy to be guided by you. However, if you are not sure, just follow our recommendations below which are given as a minimum.

KS1                                                                           KS2
Nursery – 20 minutes                                             Y3 – 40 minutes to 1 hour
EYFS – 20 to 30 minutes                                        Y4 – 40 minutes to 1 hour
Y1 – 30 to 40 minutes                                            Y5 – 40 minutes to 1 hour
Y2 – 30 to 40 minutes                                            Y6 – 40 minutes to 1 hour

KS3 to 5
We recommend session lengths of at least an hour as a minimum

  • Alternative provision we can deliver shorter sessions
  • Galleries and Museums we can deliver shorter sessions
  • Visual arts workshops, please see below

Session lengths for Visual Arts Workshops
Due to the nature of visual art and the time it takes to create anything meaningful we recommend a minimum of two hours with each class.

Workshop Content
We will email you a Workshop Planner when you book and ask you to provide a Brief for the artist confirming what you want your pupils to gain from the sessions. If you wish to speak with our artist prior to the workshop taking place, please request this in the Workshop Planner.

Art Materials
The cost of art materials is on top. We will put the artist in touch with you prior to our visit to discuss what materials and equipment will be needed. Where it is agreed that the artist will source and purchase art materials or equipment on your behalf, please reimburse them directly.

What to Wear
If you are booking a Music, Art and storytelling workshop we would expect your pupils to be in school uniform. For Drama loose comfortable clothing is preferable. For Dance workshops, please see below:

Dance workshops
We recommend loose comfortable clothing (ideally PE kit) for all participants. However, at KS1 we appreciate that with shorter session lengths it can be easier for your pupils to work in their school uniforms which is quite acceptable.

For Street/HipHop Dance workshops or for workshops where pupils will be working in pairs (for partner dances such as the Jive, Salsa, Lindy Hop etc.) we recommend comfortable shoes such as trainers or plimsolls.

For most other workshops (Indian, African, Contemporary, Aborigine etc.) we recommend bare feet.

Artists & Costume
Where it is appropriate for them to do so, we always ask the artist/workshop leader to wear some sort of traditional dress for the workshop. Please note, however, that this will not be full performance costume but will include items that reflect their cultural background chosen so as not to restrict their movement or ability to deliver the workshop effectively.

Dance Prop Hire
If you have booked a Chinese Fan or Chinese Ribbon Dance workshop, a fee of £30 will automatically be included in the cost of the workshop. The artist will bring enough fans or ribbons for a class of 30.

Drum/Instrument Hire
A charge of £50 will automatically be added to any drumming or music workshop to cover instrument hire. The artist will usually bring enough for a class of 30.

Assemblies and/or Sharing’s
As part of the day you may wish to timetable in an assembly. You can introduce the artist and they can talk about themselves and their art form. Alternatively, we can end the day with a sharing. Why not invite parents or let other year groups see what their peers have been up to?

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