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Drama Workshops for Schools

Our drama workshops are a hugely rewarding experience for all key stages. For KS1-KS2 we cover class topics as well as literacy, enabling your children to think creatively, develop their confidence and performance skills whilst gaining an in-depth understanding of topics, characters and stories. At KS3-KS5 in addition to all of the above, we offer specialist technique workshops to support the teaching of drama and performing arts within the curriculum.

Choosing a Workshop that Meets your Needs
Let us know what your aims and objectives are and we will be happy to help. For advice on suggested session lengths and how best to organise your day, click here

Let’s start choosing your workshops

By Drama Technique or Type

  • GCSE Level Drama
  • A Level Drama
  • Group Skills
  • Comedy
  • Commedia dell’arte
  • Devising/Theatre Techniques
  • Emotions
  • Improvisation
  • Issue Based Workshops (for PHSCE & Citizenship)
  • Macbeth / The Tempest
  • Masks
  • Mime
  • Musical Theatre
  • Physical Theatre
  • Play in a Day
  • Script Writing
  • Shakespeare
  • Stage Combat
  • Stanislawski Technique

History Based Drama Workshops

Using a combination of storytelling, drama, role play, discussion and debate, pupils will explore a point in history to enrich and support the work they are doing in the classroom.

History Workshops for KS1

  • Christopher Columbus
  • Florence Nightingale
  • Mary Seacole
  • Great Fire of London
  • Martin Luther King
  • Rosa Parks
  • Emmeline Pankhurst
  • Women’s Suffrage

History Workshops for KS2

  • Ancient Egyptians
  • Ancient Greeks
  • Anglo Saxons
  • Roman Britain
  • Stone Age & Iron Age
  • Vikings
  • Windrush Generation
  • Women’s Suffrage
  • WW2
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