Wise Moves have probably one of the widest repertoires of dance workshops in the UK! Below you can browse just how many!

Simply click on any of the links below to learn more but don’t worry if the dance style you are interested in doesn’t have a link it simply means we don’t have a page for it but we definitely deliver it!

Australian Aborigine Dance
Bhangra Dance
African Dance
African Gumboot Dance
Appalachian Dance/Flatfooting
Bharatanatyam Dance
Bollywood Dance
Brazilian Samba Dance
Capoeira Dance
Caribbean Dance
Ceilidh Dance
Chinese Dance
Contemporary Dance
Creative Dance
Egyptian Dance
English Dance
European Dance
Flamenco Dance
Greek Dance
Historical Dance
Indian Dance
Irish Dance
Japanese Dance
Jive Dance
Kathak Dance
Lindy Hop Dance
Morris Dance
Native American Indian Dance
New Zealand Haka Dance
Polish Dance
Raqs Sharqi Dance
Rock and Roll Dance
Russian Dance
Salsa Dance
Scottish Dance
South American Dance
Spanish Dance
Stomp Style Dance
Street/Hip Hop Dance

We work with highly skilled professional dancers who are able to work at primary and secondary level as well as with Special Schools.

To enquire or book any of the above workshops, please complete our online enquiry form by clicking the following link:

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