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Kuchipidi Dance Workshops for Schools

Kuchipidi Dance Workshops for Schools

Enrich your topic with one of our fun and educational Kuchibii Dance Workshops for schools. Kuchipidi dance is one of the lesser known classical Indian dances but none the less beautiful.. We deliver workshops from EYFS to KS5 as well as for SEND. Your pupils will be immersed in the culture of this beautiful and intricate dance form.

Book for your Arts Weeks, Enrichment Weeks, or for Diwali or Holi as part of the RE curriculum.

Arranging the Day
If time allows, we can start the day with an assembly, followed by participatory workshops with different classes, culminating with a sharing at the end of the day. For more information, read some of our suggestions about how to arrange the day.

Alternatively, call our helpline on 01425 480095

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If you would like to discuss you needs or ideas, call our helpline on 01425 480095

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