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Islamic Art workshops for Schools

Islamic Art workshops for Schools

Enrich your topic with one of our fun and educational Islamic Art Workshops for schools. Your pupils will learn about different shapes and patterns commonly used by Islamic artists. For example, for KS1 and KS2, we recommend our workshop on geometric pattern called “tessellation” which helps children to recognise and work with geometric shapes and create their own designs. Alternatively, for KS3, KS4 and KS5, we recommend our workshop which looks at the “arabesque”, which uses intricate patterns of leaves and flowers.

Workshop Content

We will discuss the content of the workshops with you prior to our visit. This ensures the workshop content and chosen medium is appropriate for the age and ability of your learners. Our workshops will give your students hands-on experience of the art form and the patterns and shapes that inspires it.

Let us know what your aims and objectives are and we will be happy to help. For advice on suggested session lengths and how best to organise your day, read our suggestions on about arranging the day.

Alternatively, call our helpline on 01425 480095

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If you would like to discuss you needs or ideas, call our helpline on 01425 480095

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