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Planning Your Dance Workshop Day

Dance Workshops

We are happy to fit in with your school timetable and deliver session lengths that you deem appropriate for the age and ability of your pupils. You know them better than anyone so we are happy to be guided by you. However, if you are not sure, just follow our recommendations below.

Suggested Session Lengths for Schools
Nursery – 20 minutes per class
EYFS – 20-30 minutes per class
Y1-Y2 – 30-60 minutes per class
Y3-Y6 – 40-60 minutes per class
Y7-Y13 – 60 minutes per class

Sharings & Assemblies

As part of the day you may wish to timetable in an assembly. You can introduce the artist and they can talk about themselves and their art form – even give a quick demonstration! Alternatively we can end the day with a sharing. Why not invite parents or let other year groups see what their peers have been up to?

Session Lengths for Alternative Provision
We recognise the diverse needs of learners within this sector and adapt our workshops to ensure their needs are met.

Session Lengths for Museums and Festivals
Session lengths will be discussed to ensure they fit with your programme.

Dance Props
A few of our workshops – like Chinese Fan dance and Chinese Ribbon dance – require dance props. We will supply enough dance props for a class of 30 for just £30 per day.

Choosing Your Workshops
Let us know what your aims and objectives are and we will be happy to advise you.

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