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Dance Workshops

Session Lengths for Schools
Nursery – 20 minutes per class
EYFS – 20-30 minutes per class
Y1-Y2 – 30-60 minutes per class
Y3-Y6 – 40-60 minutes per class
Y7-Y13 – 60 minutes per class

We recommend session lengths of at least an hour for KS2-KS5 as this affords your pupils time to create their own work based upon the material they have learned at the start of the session. However, if you need to timetable shorter sessions, that is fine too!

Session Lengths for Alternative Provision
With over 20 years of working in education, we recognise the diverse needs of learners within this sector. We offer workshops which are designed to be meet your school or organisation’s specific requirements. We make session lengths shorter, content more accessible – whether that means making the delivery more sensory or helping you choose activities that are suitable for your participants’ emotional, physical and educational needs.

Arts Institutions, Galleries and Museums
Due to the nature of events organised within this sector, we are used to being asked to run short 45 minute sessions with each group, often working in rotation with other workshop facilitators in other disciplines. We will be happy to discuss your requirements to ensure what is booked is achievable within the time constraints.

Dance Props
The fee quoted for our dance workshops does not include dance prop hire which is essential for a few of our workshops, such as Chinese Fan dance and Chinese Ribbon dance. You can hire enough dance props for a class of 30 for just £30 per day.

Choosing a Workshop that Meets your Needs
Let us know what your aims and objectives are and we will be happy to advise you and create a workshop to meet your needs and requirements.

Let’s start choosing your workshops

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