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Story Telling Workshops for Schools

Our storytelling workshops are a hugely rewarding experience for all key stages. For KS1-KS2 our stories ignite a passion for literacy and cover a wide variety of class topics enabling your children to gain an understanding of these areas of learning and the characters and stories they bring to life. From KS3 and upwards, our stories provide a valuable window into cultural and social learning, bringing the world and the common issues we all face to your listeners.

Choosing a Workshop that Meets your Needs
Let us know what your aims and objectives are and we will be happy to help. For advice on suggested session lengths and how best to organise your day, click here

Let’s start choosing your workshops


  • Ada Lovelace
  • Florence Nightingale
  • Mary Anning
  • Mary Secole
  • Pirates
  • The Romans
  • The Vikings


  • Aboriginal Storytelling
  • African Storytelling
  • Caribbean Storytelling
  • Chinese Storytelling
  • Creative Writing
  • European Storytelling
  • Indian Storytelling
  • Maori Storytelling
  • Native American Indian Storytelling
  • South American Storytelling

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