About the Service
Wise Moves is a full-service provider of workshops to the education sector. We sub-contract to freelance artists who we believe can best provide what you are looking for, for the best value for money.

Because very few artists have the capability to promote themselves and provide the full range of services needed to ensure that your expectations are met, we provide those services for them. The fee you pay covers the cost of the workshop they deliver and the service we provide.

You will receive two invoices one from the workshop leader and one from Wise Moves which will together total the sums set out under “Pricing”

Payment Terms
You will be advised of Payment Terms at the time of booking.

Re-booking an Artist/Workshop Leader
We cannot restrict artists/workshop leaders from re-booking with teachers direct because to do so would prejudice their self-employed status. However, our rates and service is provided on the understanding they will not re-book with schools direct and, where we discover that this is not the case, we do not continue to offer them work nor do we respond to future enquiries from those schools.

About the Artist/Workshop Leader
The artists/workshop leaders we use are all full-time professionals with extensive experience in the delivery of educational workshops. As such they are expected to adapt workshop content to suit the age and experience of each group they lead over the course of a day.

Travel Arrangements
Wise Moves organises the travel itinerary for the artist whether they are travelling by road, train or other forms of public transport. The itinerary always allows for them to arrive in good time to set up and start their first session at the required time.

Travel by Rail
As most of our artists use public transport, we always ask which is the nearest train station to the school to enable us to sort out a travel itinerary.

Getting an Artist from the Station to School
If the nearest station is more than a comfortable 10-minute walk from the school or, if the artist is carrying props or other such equipment, they will need to be picked up and delivered back to the station by a member of staff.

If the school cannot organise a lift the artist will take a taxi and if the school cannot reimburse them for the taxi fare(s) on the day, the artist will add the cost to their invoice.

The artist/workshop leader will contact you prior to the workshop to establish any such arrangements.

Travel by Road
Some artists/workshop leaders drive – especially those needing to transport drums or other such equipment needed for the workshop and will contact you prior to the workshop to confirm access to the school site, unloading, loading and parking arrangements.

Enhanced DBS Certificates
All artists are told that they must be able to show a current enhanced DBS certificate on arrival.

Special Needs and/or Behavioural Problems
You will be asked at the time of booking to confirm whether you have any participating children with special needs and/or behavioural problems. All artists/workshop leaders work with pupils with integrated special needs and/or behavioural problems. We expect the school to provide support for these children, as necessary, during the sessions.

If you are a Special School for children with complex special needs or emotional and behavioural problems, please provide us with the information needed to enable us to provide you with a facilitator with the appropriate expertise and training.

Number of Participants
The artist/workshop leader is usually able to work with one class (maximum of 30 pupils) at a time. The number of classes they can work with in a day, will depend upon the age of the children concerned and your desired outcome from the sessions.

Session lengths
Session lengths
If you are looking to include as many classes as you can in a school day, we recommend the following session lengths as a guideline for each class based on their key stages. For visual arts workshops, please see Session lengths for Session lengths for Visual Arts Workshops.

These session lengths are given as a minimum and can be extended depending upon your desired outcome and budget, e.g. creating a short performance piece.

KS1                                                                           KS2
Nursery – 20 minutes                                            Y3 – 40 minutes to 1 hour
EYFS – 20 to 30 minutes                                        Y4 – 40 minutes to 1 hour
Y1 – 30 to 40 minutes                                            Y5 – 40 minutes to 1 hour
Y2 – 30 to 40 minutes                                            Y6 – 40 minutes to 1 hour

KS3 to 5
We recommend session lengths of at least an hour.

Workshop Content
The content of the workshop sessions will largely depend upon your budget and how many classes you hope to participate in the day. If you are looking to engage as many pupils in a day as possible and want your pupils to engage in taster sessions, the suggested Session lengths by key stage, are a good starting point in planning your day(s).

Please remember, from KS2 upwards, the longer your pupils have with the artist, the more can be achieved – e.g. pupils will have an opportunity to work in pairs or groups and devise their own short works based on what they have learned at the start of the session, given the time.

If your desired outcome is more specific (i.e. you would like the artist to work with each class and help them to create a short dance piece which your pupils will go on to perform at a later date, we can do that, but please allow adequate time when organising your timetable and the number of days you wish to book.

Session lengths for Visual Arts Workshops
Due to the nature of visual art and the time it takes for pupils to be briefed by the artist, think about their designs and create something, we recommend the artist works with a maximum of two classes over the course of a day for a minimum of two hours with each class.

Art Materials
The fees quoted above do not include art materials. We will put the artist in touch with you prior to the workshop to discuss what materials and equipment will be needed. Where it is agreed that the artist will source and supply any materials for the workshop, the artist will bill you for these direct. The same applies to any specialist equipment supplied by the artist that is kept by the school after the workshop takes place.

What to Wear
If you are booking a STEM, music, art or drama/storytelling workshop then we would expect your pupils to be in school uniform. For Dance workshops, please see below:

Dance workshops
We recommend loose comfortable clothing (ideally PE kit) for all participants. However, at KS1 we appreciate that with shorter session lengths it can be easier for your pupils to work in their school uniforms which is quite acceptable.

For Street/HipHop Dance workshops or for workshops where pupils will be working in pairs (for partner dances such as the Jive, Salsa, Lindy Hop etc.) we recommend comfortable shoes such as trainers or plimsolls.

For most other workshops (Indian, African, Contemporary, Aborigine etc.) we recommend bare feet.

Artists & Costume
Where it is appropriate for them to do so, we always ask the artist/workshop leader to wear some sort of traditional dress for the workshop. Please note, however, that this will not be full performance costume but will include items that reflect their cultural background but which do not restrict their movement or ability to deliver the workshop effectively.

Dance Prop Hire
If you have booked a Chinese Fan or Chinese Ribbon Dance workshop, a fee of £30 will automatically be added to the cost of the workshop. The artist will bring enough fans or ribbons for a class of 30.

*If you DO NOT require the hire of fans or ribbons, please email us to let us know and we will deduct the hire charge from the cost of the workshop.

Drum Hire
If you have booked a drumming workshop a hire charge of £50 will automatically be added to the cost of the workshop. The artist will bring enough drums/percussion instruments for a class of 30.

*If you DO NOT require the hire of drums, please email us to let us know and we will deduct the hire charge from our invoice.

Assemblies and/or Sharing’s
If the time allows, we can start the day with a short assembly, during which the artist/workshop leader can introduce themselves and talk for 10 to 15 minutes (as an example) about what they will be doing during the day with, where appropriate a demonstration of their art form. Alternatively, all participating classes can be brought together at the end of the day for the last half an hour (as an example) for a sharing of what they have been doing during the day, assisted by the artist/workshop leader.

Please note, any such time needs to be included in the on-floor teaching time the artist is booked to deliver during the day.