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Kangaroo Dance Workshops

There are very few dance artists resident in the UK who are able to lead a traditional aboriginal dance workshop. The most famous of them, Francis Firebrace, is now in his eighties.  So, if this is a workshop that you might be interested in, it would make sense for you to let us know in good time by using the artist availability form below.

Aboriginal dance features set arm, body and foot movements with a lot of foot stamping (today refered to as “shake a leg”). Dancers often imitate animals or birds. The aboriginal dance workshops, which include the Emu Dance and the Kangaroo dance,  are not too challenging for the younger students and exercise both the imagination and observation skills.

We have included emu dance in our video gallery. Its the best example we could find but the dancers take a while to get moving,  so it might be a good idea to scroll forward a little.

To book or just enquire about availability where you are please click on the link below.

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