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Indian Classical Dance & Storytelling Workshops

We have artists located throughout the UK to deliver the full and extensive range of both classical, traditional and popular forms of dance from the Indian sub-continent. They are listed below. Those with a link are featured in our Video Gallery

    • Bharatanatyam
    • Kathak
    • Odissi
    • Bangladeshi Folk Dance
    • Bollywood
    • Bhangra
    • Bengali Folk Dance
    • Dandiya Raas (Stick Dance)
    • Indian Folk Dance
    • Classical Dance & Hinduism
    • Classical Dance & Storytelling
    • Indian Culture through Dance
    • Punjabi Folk Dance

The artists who deliver our dance workshops are all of Indian, Pakistani or Punjabi ethnicity and most have completed extensive training in Indian Classical dance in India.

The first three classical dance styles listed above are probably most suitable for the more advanced students – but all are accessible to any age group and ability through the gifted teaching of this beautiful dance form. By far the most popular with pupils, students and teachers are our  Bollywood and Bhangra workshops.

These workshops from the sub-continent are much in demand for the festival of Diwali and we are happy to arrange for the artist who deliver them, in addition to the workshop sessions, to address the school at assembly and give a brief demonstration of their art form.

Where possible we ask for them to wear some form of traditional dress.

To book, or just enquire about availability where you are, please click on the link below.

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