Last year, in response to the funding crisis that forced thousands of schools to drastically reduce their budget for the arts and creativity, Wise Moves reduced our fees from £365 a day to £265 plus VAT inclusive of travel – the rate we last charged in 2006One teacher emailed us to say that it made a massive difference.

But many schools that used to book with us year after year are telling us they no longer have the funds to do so but would if they could.  Some of our competitors have given up and we know of many artists who after years of delivering workshops to schools have regretfully found it necessary to “find a job that provides a living”.

The role of the arts in education continues to be under threat.

Wise Moves still works with wonderful artists who can deliver so much value to your projects so, this year with their support, we will be launching a number of initiatives to enable teachers to fund workshops in full.

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