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At Wise Moves we have been doing our bit to help support the arts in education at what is a difficult time.

By  ceasing to provide a telephone helpline service (which schools rarely used, preferring instead to email us) and without reducing the proportion of the fee  payable to artists we have been able to reduce our overheads.

We have passed on the the entire savings to our clients by slashing  the cost of a full day workshop (four hours on floor time) from £395 plus VAT to £275 for a single workshop and £265 plus VAT for two or more full days. This allows teachers nationwide to get more value for their budget and allows many to continue to bring artistic talent into schools to add value to their projects which they would otherwise have been unable to do.

However the reduction in our fee is not covered in full by the reduction in our overhead. Our ability to hold these rates will depend on the continuing support we receive from schools. So far it has been excellent for which we are exceedingly grateful.


If the artist has to provide musical instruments for the pupils the standard charge is £50 per day and if the artist is required to  provide props the fee is £30 a day.


There are no other extras unless it is necessary for an artist to take taxis from the station to the school should the school be unable to provide lifts or the cost of overnight accommodation on the rare occasions we are unable to get the artist to the school for the start time required.

Please Note

There are a small number of workshops where we are unable to quote our standard inclusive fee because of the scarcity of artists and the fee they charge, but we will notify you if that is the case when you first enquire.