Dance Workshops

Wise Moves entered the education market delivering dance workshops only in 1997 at which time we offered just six artists all based in London or the South of England so we could not offer a nationwide service ass we do today. Two of those original artists  are still associated with the company. Between them they offered six dance workshop styles of which by far the most popular were contemporary dance  and street jazz.

We started to offer music, drama and visual art workshops a couple of years later  but as we were by that time well established did not change our mame to reflect the fact.

Today we work with more than 300 artists across all for disciplies that we can call upon and as can be seen below the list of dance workshops they can be delivered nationwide has expanded exponentially. Some of tthe more popular have links to their own pages.

Australian Aborigine Dance
Bhangra Dance
African Dance
African Gumboot Dance
Appalachian Dance/Flatfooting
Bharatanatyam Dance
Bollywood Dance
Brazilian Samba Dance
Capoeira Dance
Caribbean Dance
Ceilidh Dance
Chinese Dance
Contemporary Dance
Creative Dance
Early Dance
English Dance
European Dance
Flamenco Dance
Greek Dance
Indian Dance
Irish Dance
Japanese Dance
Jive Dance
Kathak Dance
Lindy Hop Dance
Morris Dance
Native American Indian Dance
New Zealand Haka Dance
Polish Dance
Raqs Sharqi Dance
Rock and Roll Dance
Russian Dance
Salsa Dance
Scottish Dance
South American Dance
Stomp Style Dance
Street/Hip Hop Dance

We work with highly skilled professional dancers who are able to work at primary and secondary level as well as with Special Schools.

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