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Cross-curricular Workshops for Wow Days

Bring your pupils out of the classroom with one of our exciting cross-curricular workshops which are the perfect addition for any of your Wow Days. We will immerse your children in a range of fun activities which are designed to spark their curiosity about your topic, encourage them to ask questions and immerse them in the subject in ways not always possible in the classroom.

Cross-curricular Workshops for Wow Days

Whether you want to study Significant people in History, the Journey of the Windrush Generation, or learn what life was like in World War Two, our cross-curricular workshops for your Wow Days are a great way to kick start your topic or consolidate your pupil’s learning in a whole range of subjects.

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Significant People in History

Black History

The Windrush Generation

National Storytelling Week

World Book Day



Chinese New Year


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