World War II Resource Box for Hire


Our WW2 box is crammed full of genuine artefacts from the war, as well as quality reproductions, which help bring this important period of world history to life.

To see what’s inside the box, simply click on the links below and download all of our A5 PDF fact cards which show a colour photo of the artefacts themselves and an explanation about what they are and their significance to the war and this period of history.

Air Raid Precaution Shell Dressing
ARP Anti Gas Eye Sheilds
Auschwitz Cross
Battlefield Relic
Battle of Britain
Clothing Book
Collection of WWII Photographs
Court Royal Curlers
Daily Express from 1940
Defence & War Medal
Entrenching Tool
Fuel Ration Book
German Invasion Plans
Hawker Hurricane
Identity Cards
Imperial Weight
Instructions for GI’s
Magnet Comic
Marching into War
Military Currency
Morse Code Signalling Lamp
Nazi 10 Reichspfenni
Ration Book
Reigen by Arthur Schnitzler
Royal Artillery Cap Badge
Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Army Jacket
Royal Tank Regiment Cap & Badge
Russian Convoy Medal
Stalin’s Attack
Supermarine Spitfire
The Children’s War and The Blitz
The Victory in Europe Experience
Tommy Hat
Trench Art
Winston Churchill Wartime Speeches – CD
Wizard Comic
World War II Currency
World War II in DVD

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