Workshops for Black History Month

black history & the arts
Lauren Anderson – the first black female principal dancer of a major American dance company, an important milestone in American ballet.

Wise Moves was one of the UK’s first organisations to realise the importance arts-based workshops in raising awareness of world faith and culture.

Over the course of many years we have become more and more experienced in the provision of  workshops which dovetail into and enhance the value of teachers’ projects related to celebrations such as Black History Month.

We recognise that every teacher has different objectives and expectations and we work with you to ensure that the day is structured to meet them.

The workshops listed below are the most popular

  • African Traditional Dance (various)
  • African Gumboot Dance
  • African Dance fused with Contemporary
  • Caribbean Dance
  • Caribbean Carnival Dance
  • African Drumming & Percussion
  • Caribbean Soca Drumming & Percussion
  • African Storytelling
  • Caribbean Storytelling
Visual Art & Crafts
  • African or Caribbean Batik
  • African Mask Making
  • African or Caribbean Wall Hangings
  • African Jewellery Making


To enquire about artist availability for any of the above workshops, simply complete our on-line enquiry form by clicking the link below.

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Teachers may download, for free, a range of fact cards (in PDF format) on Africa which they and their pupils may use as part of their topics. To access this aluable free resource, please click here

For our range of fact cards on the Caribbean, please click here