The Discovery Box A New Service for Teachers


With a new curriculum requiring teachers to devise new and very specific lesson plans across all subjects many teachers tell us that they need new teaching resources at a time when they are already face budgetary challenges.

That is why we have launched a new service called The Discovery Box.

Rather than buy what you need you can now work with us to build a rental service that you – and other teachers nationwide – can use.

We have combed though the new curriculum and created a list of all the requirements where good quality teaching resources are available for sale.

With certain limitations, as set out below, if there are any items that you need but cannot afford, let us know and we will pay for them and arrange for their delivery to you when you need them. We will then charge you a weekly rental fee and at the end of the rental period you can return the products to us.

  • You will have the goods when you need them
  • At a fraction of the price that you would otherwise have to pay
  • There would be no need to find room in your overcrowded cupboards to store them.

Our objective is that over time and with the cooperation of teachers we will be able to build a range of stock which teachers nationwide can hire as and when they need them.

As long as you can convince us that what you need will also be of interest to other teachers – we will buy it and hire it.

However, in order to be able to offer a reasonable range of stock initially, in return for the capital we are willing to invest, we ask teachers to restrict the maximum price for any one item to no more than £75 and overall spending to £200.

If you have existing stock that you no longer need which meets the above stated criteria we may well be interested in purchasing it!

This venture will only succeed with your cooperation and we hope you will support us.

For further information or to enquire ring Rachel on 01425 480095 or visit us on Facebook for updates.

To view our existing range of boxes covering different points in History, Religions and Cultures, please click here

*The Discovery Box is a trading name for Multicultural Resources Ltd.