The Caribbean – Free Resource


Perfect for your topic on the Caribbean or Black History, this colourful and fascinating resource is a must!

Simply click on the links below and download all of our A5 PDF fact cards which show a colour photo of a particular cultural or religious artefact along with an explanation about what it is, its use and cultural/religious significance.

Banana Leaf Pot
Calypso Skirt
Blue Larimar Bracelet
Blue Power Carbolic Soap
Calypso Skirt
Caribbean Flags
Caribbean Tunic
Cayman Islands Embroidery
Coconut Maracas
Haitian Wooden Tray
Handmade Voodoo Doll
Hatian Metal Art
Limbo Stick
Music of the Caribbean
Pirates of Cayman Islands
Piti Pan
Shell Jewellery
Snake King of the Kalinago
Trinket Box from St Lucia
Wood Batik Mask

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