The Box Clever Scheme for Clusters

A mask from our Chinese Opera Mask Resource Box

At the start of a term we will send a school nominated by the cluster, three boxes for a shared rental fee of £350 plus a shipping charge of £51. We are VAT registered so these charges are subject to VAT at 20%. Two of the boxes will be collected from the nominated school and returned to us at the end of the term.

The other one – which would cost you at least £150 to £200 to put together, plus a lot of time and effort – you get to keep.

As you will see the cost per box for every week that a school has the use of it will be just £11.13 inclusive of shipping plus VAT.

Each school will have the use of each of the boxes for a period of time that depends upon the number of participating schools in the cluster. The fewer the number of schools taking part, the longer each school has access to each box – but the more schools that take part the less each school pays.

If twelve schools take part each school will have access to three boxes over the course of the term and would have each of them for one week.  The cost to each school will be £33.41 plus VAT. That is just £11.13 plus VAT for a weeks hire for each box.

At the other end of the scale, if three schools share the boxes, each school will have access to three boxes over the course of the term and will have each of them for four weeks. The cost to each school will be £133.66 plus VAT for a four week hire so the cost of each box per week is the same at £11.13 plus VAT.

The box that you do not have to return will be either an Africa, India or China box. Africa is popular in the Autumn term for Black History Month, India is in demand in October/November for Diwali and Chinese New Year always falls in the Spring term.

Each box will contain at least 20 artefacts and a fact sheet for every one of the artefacts that we include in the boxes can be viewed in our free teachers’ resource page here.

To enquire about booking

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