Japan Resource Box for Hire

Japan 2

Japan has a fascinating culture that is steeped in ancient traditions whilst embracing the modern world through its shifting fads and fashions and technological development.

If you are studying Japan then this resource box is a must as it is crammed full of artefacts that provide a window into this fascinating and important culture.

To see a selection of what’s inside these boxes, simply click on the links below and download all of our A5 PDF fact cards which show a colour photo of the artefacts themselves and an explanation about what they are and their use and cultural significance.

Antique Japanese Silk Painting
Doll Serving Tea
Embroidered Japanese Panels
Geta – Japanese Wooden Sandals
Imari Plate
Japanese Umbrella
Kimono & Juban
Kokeshi Doll
Matsu-ura Byobu
Noh Mask
Okiagari Koboshi
Ox Bone Netsuke
Rising Sun Flag
Samurai Doll
Sensu Fan
Tabi Socks
Temari Ball
Traditional Doll
Vintage Scroll
Wind Sock Kite
Wind Sock Kite Instructions

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