Central & South America A free resource

Amate_Bark_Painting_(CSA 1)

Our Central & South America fact cards are without a doubt some of the most colourful and fascinating documenting different artefacts from different countries across the two continents including Mexico, Brazil and Panama.

Simply click on the links below and download all of the A5 PDF fact cards which show a colour photo of different artefacts along with an explanation of what they are, their use and cultural/religious significance.

Amate Bark Painting
Cha Cha’s
Cholita Dolls
Coconut Handbag
Day of the Dead Wedding Couple
Doll in Traditional Peruvian Dress
Emberá Basket
Gourd Shaker
Guatemalan and Mexican Masks
Guatemalan Shawl
Guatemalan Worry Dolls
Hacky Sacks
Latin American Music CD
Manta Rucksack
Mexican Friend Catchers
Mexican Tiles
Monkey Drums
Nativity Gourd
Olmec Mask
Pan Pipes
Panama Hat
Peruvian Macrame Hemp Bracelets
Portrait of Latin America Book
Portrait of Latin America
Rainforest Rhythms
The Condor Who Fell In Love
Tin Tractor
San Pedro Belt
Tagua Nut Carving
Tigua Paintings
Toto Belt
Weavers of Ancient Peru Book
Woven Bag from Ecuador
Xipe Totec Aztec Figure

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