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Coolamon (A&M 2)

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Click on the links below to download all of our A5 fact cards which are available in A5 PDF format. Each fact card has a colour photo of a particular cultural artefact along with an explanation of what it is, its use and cultural significance.

Aboriginal Art by Arthur Conlan
Aboriginal Art by John Smith Gumbula
Aboriginal Art Symbols
Aboriginal Boomerang
Aboriginal Bullroarer
Aboriginal Clapsticks
Aboriginal Coolamon
Aboriginal Designs
Aboriginal Didgeridoo
Aboriginal Didgeridoo Music CD
Aboriginal Dwellings
Aboriginal Flag
Aboriginal Flute
Aboriginal Hand Painted Plate
Aboriginal Message Stick
Aboriginal Myths & Legends & Fables Book
Aboriginal Nulla Nulla
Aboriginal Pokerwork Wood Carving
Aboriginal Rock Art
Aboriginal Stories From the Billabong Book
Australian Aborigines People Under Threat Book
Australian Banksia Nut
Australian Banksia Nut Carving
Australian Mookaite Jasper
Australian National Flag
Maori Chants CD
Maori Costume – Pari
Maori Flag
Maori Hei Tiki Pendant
Maori Language
Maori Maui Necklace
Maori Myths & Legends Book – Land of the Long White Cloud
Maori Quilt Fabric
Maori Tiki
Maori Tipare Taniko
New Zealand Kiwi

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