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Bring your topic on Ancient Greece to life with our Ancient Greece fact cards!

Simply click on the links below and download all of the A5 PDF fact cards which show a colour photo of the artefacts themselves and an explanation about what they are and their use and cultural significance.

Alexander the Great Alabaster Bust
Ancient Greek Pottery Plate of Spartan Soldiers
Artemis Alabaster Bust Statue
Athena Bronze Figurine
Black Figure Oinochoe
Bronze Greek Horse
Cycladic Plank Sculpture
Entertainment and the Arts
Facts about Greek Theatrical Masks
Geometric Period Oinochoe
Greek Amphora
Greek Coin
Greek Corinthian Helmet
Greek Kylix
Greek Pithos
Greek Pottery – Fact Sheet
Greek Thracian Bronze Arrowheads
Hippocrates Alabaster Bust Statue
How did the Olympics Come About
Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Ancient Greece
Parthenon Marble Frieze
Persian Bronze Ring
Poster on Ancient Greece
Relief of Ancient Greek Women
The Discus Thrower
Wooden Trojan Horse Toy