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Papyrus Boat

Bring your topic on the Ancient Egyptians to life with our range of fascinating Fact Cards!

Simply click on the links below and download all of the A5 PDF fact cards which show a colour photo of ancient Egyptian artefacts along with an explanation of what they are, their use and cultural significance.

Canopic Jars
Egyptian Collar Necklace
Egyptian Cotton Scarf
Egyptian Hieroglyphics
Egyptian Hieroglyphics from Tomb Wall
Egyptian Lute
Egyptian Obelisk
Egyptian Pyramid
Egyptian Scribe
Egyptian Shoes
Eye of Horus
God Anubis the Jackal
Galebaya & Kufi
God Anubis
God Horus
God Thoth & Goddess Nut
Goddess Bast
Goddess Isis
Goddess Nut
Golden Asp Armlet
How to read hieroglyphics
Lapis Luzuli
Mancala Board Game
Nubian Necklace
Painting on Papyrus of Sennufer with a Lotus Flower
Papyrus Boat
Papyrus Painting of The God Horus
Queen Nefertiti
Queen Nefertiti Bust
Ramesses II
Scarab Beetle
Stories from Egypt
The Ancient Egyptians – Their Life and Customs
The Sands of Time
The Sphinx
The Sphinx DVD
Tutankhamun Bust
Tutankhamun’s Sarcophagus
Unwrap the Mummy Book
Zills Finger Cymbals