African Musical Instruments A free resource

IMG_2879 - Jus-Jus Cluster

Our African Musical Instruments fact sheets show a colour photo of a particular musical instrument along with an explanation of where they come from, how they are made and how to play them.

Simply click on the links below to download all of the A5 PDF fact cards.

African Musical Instruments Fact Sheet
Acacia Seed Pod Shaker
Apitua Djun Bell
Axatse Shekere
Balafon & Sticks
Bottle top shaker
Calabash Shaker
Cas-Cas Shaker
Caxixi Shaker
Gourd Rattle
Grello Bell
Hosho Maraca
Ju-Ju Bean Cluster
Kolanut Shaker
Monkey Drum
Moroccan Flute
Senegalese Djembe
Talking Drum

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