African Masks A free resource

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Perfect for your topic on Africa or Black History, this fascinating resource is a must!

Simply click on the links below and download all of our A5 PDF fact cards which show a colour photo of a particular mask along with an explanation of its cultural origins and cultural/religious significance.

Ahoofe Mask of the Fulani Tribe
Ashanti Royal Mask
Baluba Mask
Baule Dance Mask
Baule Mask
Chokwe Mask
Crocodile Mask
Fang Mask
Female Ori Olokun Yoruba Mask
Igbo Spirit Maiden Mask
Kwele Mask
Loso Fish Mask
Lumbo Maiden Spirit Mukudji Mask
Maasai Warrior Mask
Punu Mask
Teke Funeral Mask
Toma Mask
Yaure Je Face Mask

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