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Ndebele Fertility Doll
Ndebe Doll

Perfect for your topic on Africa or Black History, this colourful and fascinating resource is a must!

Simply click on the links below and download all of our A5 PDF fact cards which show a colour photo of a particular cultural or religious artefact along with an explanation about what it is, its use and cultural/religious significance.

African Batik Maasai Life
African Carving Head
Ahoofe Mask of the Fulani Tribe
Ashanti Royal Mask
Baluba Mask
Banana Leaf Art
Baule Passport Mask
Bolga Basket
Burkino Faso Cloth
Cas-Cas Shaker
Caxixi Shaker
Chokwe Mask
Cloth Seller Doll
Crocodile Mask
Daboya Indigo Cloth
Dashiki Shirt
Embroidered Wrapper of the Wodaabe People
Fang Mask
Fertility Dolls
Flip Flop Necklace
Guinea Hen Gourd
Kente Cloth
Kente Cloth Purse
Kibera Bone Jewellery
Korhogo Cloth
Maasai Bead Jewellery
Maasai Bead Jewellery Earrings
Maasai Beaded Sandals
Maasai Beadwork Bracelet
Maasai Kanga
Maasai Warriors
Maasai Warrior Mask
Maasai Wedding Necklace
Maasai Womans Wrap
Moroccan Flute
Mudcloth Strip
Ndebele Fertility Doll
Ndebele Maiden Doll
Puna Mask
Rwandan Peace Basket
Senegalese Djembe
Slave Leg Irons
Telephone Wire Bowl Imbenge
Telev Nut Shaker
Tishweshwe Shaker Drum
Water Hyacinth Giraffe
West African Basket
Wirework Motorcycle
Xhosa Beadwork Necklace
Zulu Beadwork Belt
Zulu Beadwork Necklace
Zulu Ladys Hat
Zulu Love Letter Necklace

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